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Why I Coach People


Here’s a sample of what others are saying about Jimmy Wong
Jimmy has been a role model to me and so many others as a leader. He has a unique way of looking at the world that inspires me to think bigger and stretch in new ways. Jimmy has enabled new opportunities for me to grow in my career.

Vineet Kumar
Head of Data Science
I am very grateful for having Jimmy as my career coach… Jimmy has deep knowledge about data analytics and data science… He is very patient, intelligent, resourceful, dedicated, and generous with his time.

Undisclosed company
Jimmy is genuinely interested in helping others in their career journey and acted as an informal mentor for me (and countless others) at LinkedIn. He goes out of his way to look for opportunities to help people grow and has made numerous intros for me. Thanks so much Jimmy and can’t wait for our paths to cross again!

Product Manager, Data Science/ML
eCommerce company
Jimmy has been an awesome partner to our MS Business Analytics program at UCLA Anderson School of Management for the past 6 years. The students are deeply engaged when he teaches in our Industry Seminar course, and his genuine care for students is evident by the investment he makes in ongoing mentorships for their lifelong success in industry. He consistently goes above and beyond for us, and our community is fortunate to benefit from Jimmy’s experience and wisdom.

Larry Braman
Career Services Director

Coaching Packages for You

I offer a variety of standard and customizable coaching packages to help you succeed and grow. All sessions are confidential.

If you would like short-term coaching and consultation from me, you can book on-demand one-hour sessions with me to get advice to solve your problem. Ideal for any professional, whether manager or individual contributor or solo entrepreneur, whether technical data specialist or non-technical or other. All sessions are confidential.

Get my expert advice for a variety of coaching and consultation topics like:

  • Presentation practice and review
  • Guidance on management issues
  • LinkedIn and resume review
  • Interview practice
  • Career guidance
  • Business plan guidance

In this comprehensive 3-month coaching package, my primary focus is to empower data science leaders with the skills and mindset necessary to excel as effective leaders within their organizations. Each of the 8 sessions is strategically structured to provide valuable leadership insights and dedicated coaching time to address your most pressing concerns. Here’s a sample outline of the skills you will gain from me, which can be tailored for your specific needs.

  • Session 1: You – Your Leadership Development Plan
  • Session 2: You – Increase Visibility to Advance Your Career
  • Session 3: Your Team – Team Building Skills
  • Session 4: Your Team – Performance Management
  • Session 5: Managing Up – Strategic Data Projects That Scale
  • Session 6: Managing Up – High-Stakes Communication
  • Session 7: Managing Across – Effective Communication
  • Session 8: Managing Across – Stakeholder Management and Project Management
  • Other choices: Personal Time Management and Productivity, Difficult Conversations, and Building Alliances and Partnerships

I help more than just folks in data science. The topics of leadership, career transformation, and adapting to AI are relevant to all professions.

Contact me if you would like to discuss a custom coaching package. I can give you a free 30-minute consultation to evaluate how we can work together, without any further commitment.

I also provide group coaching sessions where you can get valuable support from industry peers and me in a confidential way. Contact me to find out more about group coaching and whether there’s an appropriate cohort for you starting up soon.


Although I’m located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA, all coaching sessions are done securely online via virtual meeting technologies or by telephone. I will accept some clients from outside the United States too.

Yes! The topics on purpose-driven careers, along with personal branding and leadership and entrepreneurship, are applicable to most people, not just to data scientists.

I have a broad range of experience outside data science to help you in your situation. My technical background also includes ERP customization, web development, and online ads. I’ve built eCommerce systems. I’m certified as both a Scrum Master as well as in CAPM project management. I’ve led Toastmasters groups, and can help you with your presentations and public speaking. I’ve been a career coach for over 11 years, with experience helping diverse people in ages ranging from 17 to 82, and in different fields from finance to marketing to project management to IT to product management to engineering.

Let’s chat! If your coaching request is for a topic that I’m not qualified for, or if I don’t have bandwidth to take on new clients, then I’ll decline your coaching request and will refer you to others instead. If I accept your coaching request, then I’ll offer you a guarantee for the coaching services. Check each coaching package, as the guarantee may be different for different packages.

Some companies may pay for this leadership coaching program to help employees with career development. You can inquire with your manager about it. We will provide you with invoices and receipts that you can use for reimbursement requests with your company. Note, your private information from within your coaching sessions with me are confidential, and will not be disclosed to your company or others.

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