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Thrive with AI

Do you want to achieve significance and joy in both your work and life? We equip you with the skills, tools, and confidence you need to transform yourself in the new age of AI, so you can pursue meaningful significance and leave a lasting legacy in the world.

My mission to help you

I am a data science leader and business coach, with 27 years in the industry and 12 years at the LinkedIn company. My mission is to empower individuals like you and small businesses to transition and thrive in this new age of AI.

Please reach out today. Let me know your unique situation, and I’ll show you the path to not only survive but also thrive, finding joy in your career and businesses in this new age of AI.

Insights to elevate your confidence and unlock your potential.

It’s hard to be motivated in your work if you are not growing, not applying your special abilities, and just watching the clock. I can help you break through your barriers so that you can proactively lead in your own growth plan, rather than just wait for something to happen.

In the history of the universe, there is only one of you with all your unique strengths, talents, and experiences. You were made, and have a purpose, to do good works to help people. Let me help you discover your purpose so that you can apply your unique gifts in your career and business to make a difference in the world.

With the world changing faster and faster, and with the acceleration of AI to automate more tasks, many jobs are indeed at risk. I’ll show you the path to transform from an employee into a business owner that uses AI to build and sell your own portfolio of scalable products to grow multiple income streams.

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The Path to Thrive With AI

Whether you want financial freedom or a more meaningful career, I’ll show you the path to more joy in your work and life by making an impact in the world with AI and other skills.

My Specialties

My mission is to help people to transform themselves to thrive in the age of AI. I enable people to gain the skills, strategies, and confidence needed to adapt their careers in the fast-moving world. See ways that I can help you and your organization.


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What People are Saying

Here’s a sample of what others are saying about Jimmy Wong

“Jimmy has been a role model to me and so many others as a leader. He has a unique way of looking at the world that inspires me to think bigger and stretch in new ways. Jimmy has enabled new opportunities for me to grow in my career.”
Vineet Kumar
Head of Data Science
“Wanted to thank you for your positivity and clever tactics for introverts. I have been to a few ‘build your brand’ trainings over my career and your talk was the most organized, sensible and manageable approach of them all. Thank you for your thoughts today!”
Sonja Rogneby
Senior Data Architect
Expedia Group
“Jimmy is genuinely interested in helping others in their career journey… He goes out of his way to look for opportunities to help people grow and has made numerous intros for me. Thanks so much Jimmy and can’t wait for our paths to cross again!”
Product Manager, Data Science and ML
$14B eCommerce company
“Jimmy has been an awesome partner to our MS Business Analytics program at UCLA Anderson School of Management for the past 6 years… He consistently goes above and beyond for us, and our community is fortunate to benefit from Jimmy’s experience and wisdom.”
Larry Braman
Career Services Director

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